Studio E2

Studio E2 is the home of graphic designer, Emily Daines. Emily is a self-taught designer from Colorado Springs with a background in fine art. Occasionally Studio E2 collaborates with other talented designers and web developers, depending on the scope of a project.

A Message from Emily

"As a partner in several entrepeneurial ventures, I've learned the value of good branding and design and its impact on the success of a business. I also understand the pains of pouring large amounts of start-up capital into big design firms when every cent matters. I value local business and entrepeneurial efforts, because therein lies the opportunity to bring jobs and opportunity where none existed before. I'm a firm believer that it's better to create ten jobs than to take one, so I strive to support small businesses by keeping my work affordable while delivering quality design. I see design everywhere, and when it's done well, it has the power to impact people, relay a more concise message, and influence thought. I'm thankful for the opportunity to design for amazing people, and I hope to meet more in the future."


Volunteer Contributions and Pro Bono Work

Studio E2 occasionally contributes free graphic design, branding, or web work to charitable organizations or worthy, local causes. Previous donations have included design services auctioned for families in need of medical attention, logo and store-front design for small start-up businesses that provide free services or space to the community, and identity work for non-profit organizations. If you feel you might be a candidate for pro bono design work from Studio E2, please feel free to contact us.